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Action Figure Toronto Makes Custom Sinister Six Marvel Legends Collection

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The Marvel Legends collection is constantly growing, but there are some characters that deserve the attention they’ve yet to receive. While most fans are content twiddling their thumbs as they wait for future waves, some go above and beyond and take it upon themselves to create those figures as a custom build. Sure, it’s not official merch, but damn if it isn’t cool.

These custom figures are especially well-received when they’re created to such a high standard. Leading the charge with quality custom Marvel Legends builds is Action Figure Toronto. He’s an unnamed hobbyist out of, well, Toronto who’s capable of some professional-level builds. Don’t believe me? Just take a look for yourself.



AFT just finished a Sinister Six “Build-A-Figure” collection that’ll knock your socks. This version of the Six features Vulture, Doc Ock, Kraven, Electro, and Mysterio, with Sandman being the buildable figure. (That Mysterio build came just in time--right before an actual Mysterio Marvel Legend was announced.)

The boxed presentation really helps, but even if they weren’t in faux packaging, an avid collector would look at these bad boys and consider them to be the real deal. This is truly incredible work by AFT.

Unfortunately, these aren’t for sale. Probably because these are devoted projects that take a lot of time. On AFT’s website, his FAQ states that they’re exclusively for his own collection and that he only builds as a hobby. Fair enough, I guess.



But his FAQ also goes on to explain the types of materials he buys and other awesome tips that help a wannabe hobbyist get into the custom figure building game. On top of that, he’s got in-depth articles for every one of the Sinister Six builds. They say not all heroes wear capes, but just judging on these builds, something tells us AFT does.

Check out his work if you like these pictures--there's much more to see on his site. Even if these awesome custom Marvel Legends figures will never be for sale, they deserve as much internet props as they can get.  

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