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Greymiles’ 13 Most Wanted SDCC 2017 Exclusives

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Greymiles’ 13 Most Wanted SDCC 2017 Exclusives: Why 13? I mean I was asked to do a Top 10, but my legit list is currently at 13 so there you go.  Plus I like saying "baker's dozen." I tried to include if it was shared or not - be it rumored or confirmed. We won't know for sure until the 19th.

So without further ado, in descending order (13-8 are more or less interchangeable). 


13)Joker Batman Funko POP! - From Suicide Squad. Refresh my memory... was this even in the movie? Some things catch your eye just bc it looks cool #amiright. Confirmed shared GameStop exclusive. 

SDCC 2017 Funko Batman

12)Ares Funko POP! - From Wonder Woman. I really just need this to complete my WW POPs. Rumored TRU shared exclusive. 

SDCC 2017 Funko Ares wonderwoman

11)X-23 Funko POP! - Are we still on Laura/X23? I mean... Logan feels like forever ago. Still copping. This is a confirmed Toys R Us shared exclusive.

SDCC 2017 Funko X-23 Toys R us Tru exclusive

10)Tinkles/Ghost in a Jar Funko POP! - From Rick and Morty. I'll admit, as blasphemous as it may sound... I don't remember this character from the show. But it's Rick and Morty. It's an exclusive. It's a must. Rumored to be shared with TRU. 

SDCC 2017 Funko exclusive

9)Musashi Funko POP! – From Westworld.  Sure he was in the show for all of a minute, but as I’ve said on our podcast (available on iTunes)… I’m a sucker for samurai. Rumored to be shared with Box Lunch. 

SDCC 2017 Funko Musashi westworld

8)The Mountain Funko POP! – From Game of Thrones. I mean… armored zombie Mountain.   Who doesn’t want this? Rumored to be shared with Box Lunch. 

SDCC 2017 Funko The Mountain Game of Thrones

7)Star Wars Black Series Commander Gree - rumored to be a TRU store exclusive in the fall. So hopefully there's plenty to go around. I've always been a fan of camo. Always been a fan of clone troopers (the phase 2 helmets). Always been a fan of Gree... even when Yoda chopped off his head. 

SDCC 2017 Starwars Blackseries commander gree

6)Tigger flocked Funko POP! – From Winnie the Pooh.  The latest installment into the ever growing flocked craze.  Having lucked out with the Gemini Collectibles Eeyore and recently picked up the Hot Topic Pooh… the obsessive compulsive in me can’t help but get this. Confirmed to be shared with Barnes and Noble.

SDCC 2017 Funko Tigger

5)Marvel Legends A-Force 6 pack (Sif) - Simple and plain... I'm not going to spend $120 on this. I've loved Sif since she became the lead in Journey Into Mystery and this is legit, the only one I want. Often, sellers will break up packs... so hopefully I run into that this year.  Toys R Us confirmed shared exclusive. 

SDCC 2017 Marvel Legends A-Force

4) Marvel Legends Thor 5 pack (Odinson) –  Speaking of splitting up a pack. Sure I would like to secure the entire thing.  But without a little luck and some fortunate timing online, I’m staring down eBay for this one.  With a retail price of $99.99, you’re looking at least double on the second hand market.  I’ve loved this design since the “God of Thunder” series and he and he alone is the must of the pack for me.   I would also like the female Thor but a very similar version will be available in the Ragnaork wave.  I'm assuming

SDCC 2017 Thor

3) Holographic Leia and R2 Funko POP! – You’re not a Star Wars fan if you don’t want this.  Plain and simple. Confirmed shared with GameStop.

SDCC 2017 Funko Starwars exclusive

2) Holographic Snoke Funko POP! – The biggest mystery from Force Awakens… in his first “toy form.” Once upon a time (before I REALLY got into POPs), I used to collect characters that didn’t currently have an action figure.  That’s how I wound up with Zoom and Old Luke… anyway… I’m not sure what makes this more a must… the glow in the dark or the fact that it’s 6”.  Either way… here’s hoping Snoke is shared and it’s at least somewhat easy to obtain. And things are looking up as this is a rumored Amazon shared exclusive. 

SDCC 2017 Funko starwars snoke exclusive

1) Storm Collectibles Hot Ryu – what can I say? I have a thing for bearded Ryu.  I even passed on the retail version bc it didn’t have a bearded portrait.  And so my patience has paid off.  At least in theory if it’s not impossible to get.  Fingers crossed. 

SDCC 2017 streetfighter ryu


And a million fingers crossed for all of you and all of our SDCC wants! We will have some of these available in our toy exclusive section so be sure to check it out HERE Thanks for reading!!

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